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Shaquda SUVÉ Nose Cleansing Brush NC1

Shaquda SUVÉ Nose Cleansing Brush NC1

Super fine pine squirrel tip to cleanse the delicate contours and T-zone with an easy touch and gentle feeling, while removing pore-clogging debris and sebum. This new style of skin care will soon become customary.

Hair - Pine Squirrel
Handle - Walnut

Brush - W25xD30xH63

How To Use:
- Using the appropriate amount of soap or facial wash, wet the brush tip and use circular motions to make lather in the palm of the hand.
- Apply the lathered brush to clean the fine contours, the T-zone, behind the ears and around the nose using soft circular motions. Use 1 to 3 times per week depending on the state of your skin to achieve smoother skin.

After Use Care:
Clean brush by rinsing with water. Please store cleaned brush in well ventilated area.

Durability - 6 months to 1 year