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Mokan - Hair Growth Tonic (150ml)
Mokan - Hair Growth Tonic (150ml)

Mokan - Hair Growth Tonic (150ml)

Mokan Hair Growth Tonic With Fuji Mulberry Root Extract (150ml)

Clinical efficacy of Mokan, a mulberry root extract (Morus Alba Root Extract, Alcohol, Water)-based hair growth tonic, was evaluated in 40 patients with male pattern alopecia. Favorable hair growth was observed with no particular adverse reactions in a large number of patients, indicating that Mokan is effective for male pattern alopecia.

It has been shown to modify the haircycle, reactivating hair in the telogen back to the anagen again. Evidence of clinical efficacy has also been obtained.

How To Use:
Apply twice a day in the morning and evening. To apply, open the cap, and lightly tap the tip of the product against your scalp repeatedly while changing positions. Then massage the whole scalp well with your fingers. Don’t wash out. Leave it on.

Note: Do not keep the tip pressed against the scalp for an extended period. Otherwise, too much of the content would come out.

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