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Hunter Lab Anti-Ageing Elixir (50ml)

A natural, light-weight but heavy-duty nourishing serum.

Crafted with macadamia, avocado and passion fruit seed oils, and caffeine to hydrate, help reduce the signs of premature ageing and restore sun-damaged skin. Contains carrageenan, derived from seaweed, to soothe and promote the development of healthy new skin.

The result is an evening anti-ageing serum delivering maximum absorption, intense hydration, clarity and smoothness when our skin is in its natural repair mode.

How To Use:
In the evening before bed apply Hunter Lab Anti-Ageing Elixir evenly to your whole face and neck. Avoid applying the Anti Ageing Elixir straight after you’ve applied the Hunter Lab Daily Face Fuel.

For extra hydration in the evenings apply the Anti Ageing Elixir before applying the Daily Face Fuel.