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Akiko HAS-β Series - Premium Essence (15ml)

Akiko HAS-β Series - Premium Essence (15ml)

Premium Essence (15ml)

- Highly efficient anti-aging skin care essence.
- This advanced essence born from cutting edge technology.
- Main ingredient - Schizophyllum’s β-glucan which leaves the skin moisture.

15% concentration of HAS which can derive the original power from the skin. You will be able to feel your fine skin texture when you keep using it regularly.

HAS - A complex of the extracted proteins by culturing stem-cell. HAS contains 150 kind of Growth Factor that to keep skin healthy, and to provide fineness, moisture, fine skin texture and resilience for skin.

β-glucan - Adopted from Schizophyllum Extracts which provide excellent moisture and permeability. It has great water retention and high-permeability even more than hyaluronic acid, and high infiltration into the skin.

How To Use:
Apply after cleaning your face, then use lotion and face cream. One to two drops is enough for full face. Apply it in the evening for best result.