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Shaquda SUVÉ Naderu Brush LD1

Shaquda SUVÉ Naderu Brush LD1

Twin brushes reproduce professional therapists’ soft and effective touch and stimulates lymph drainage. Bring the elegant moments of the beauty salon home and awaken your natural and radiant beauty.

Hair - Synthetic
Handle - Aluminum / Walnut

Brush - W32xD11xH148
Package - W67xD158xH22

How To Use:
- Angle the brush against skin and gently apply pressure to depress skin approximately 2mm.
- Try to achieve equal pressure on both left and right sides simultaneously.
- Pass brush from beginning point to end point 3 to 4 times.


  1. Starting from the center chin along the jaw bone to below the ear. Continue downward along the neck to the hollow of the collarbone.
  2. From laugh lines along the cheek bones to below the ears.
  3. From the bridge of the nose, along the bottom of the eyes around the temple, along the front of the ears and ending below the ears.
  4. From between the eyebrows pass just above eyebrows ending at the temple.
  5. From the center forehead at the hairline, pass along the hairline to the temple. Continue downward to below the ear continuing along the neck ending at the collarbone.